Simple Modern Batik Fashion 2020

Traditional and Simple Modern Batik Fashion Stay

At the present time, the legacy of simple modern batik fashion assuredly beneficial discovered circulate across the world. As a result of the Batik increasing popular which takes advantage of modern fashion design. More compelling evidence shows modern designers materialize batik translating into a traditional taste bunch up with the modernization flavor. Consequently, the Batik supposes to retain extraordinary rare that serve genetically tempting. Identically more product categories created by Batik such as the T-shirt, man short sleeve, and others.

For example, there are three methods of simple modern batik design

  • Batik Block

In the first place, we will be using either steel or wood to craft in the design of block patterns and soak into color before applying onto fabric. The process will continue into forming an array layout all the way until the end.

  • Batik Scribble

This process begins with a sketch of the design with hot candle wax. After completing the pattern, then use a brush with color onto the fabric. The area does not cover by the wax will be filling with color. Upon the candle wax melts off it will transform into the design itself.

  • Batik Silkscreen

This process uses mesh stencil (silkscreen) creating the pattern. The silkscreen then put onto the fabric with one color only each time the process takes. Therefore, a few pattern silkscreen to use for a different type of color to complete the design.

Don’t miss the opportunity on the Batik

Batik is origin from Pekalongan have located in Central Java, Indonesia. Pekalongan a familiar place for tourists to find the interesting Batik around. This city recognized as Pekalongan is the Batik City (Kota Batik), the popular place where batik is available has a style that is distinctive and varied.

How to take care of the Batik

The point often overlooked:

  • Not recommend using the washing machine better do it by hand wash.
  • Normal warm/cold water soaks with body shower gel for 30min – 1hour max and rinses with clean water.
  • No use tumbling or dryer just hangs up and air dry.
  • Protect from the sun directly.
  • Ironing with medium heat.

Do you have experience handling batik?

For those who have experience handling please share your ideas here either good or bad.

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